Old Town Dirigo Plus

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Old Town Dirigo Plus
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Old Town Dirigo Plus

Easily one of the most versatile, attractive, and comfortable tandem kayak solutions on the market, the Old Town Dirigo Plus Tandem Kayak handles like a much smaller single pilot kayak. Definitely built more for comfort than for speed, you would be impressed with how smooth and straight this tandem kayak tracks and with two experienced pilots on board you can really make this bad boy move.

Old Town Dirigo ( 15 feet, 3 inch ) tandem kayak

The Old Town Dirigo Plus (15-Feet 3-Inch)

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Designed specifically for the comfort of both kayakers, the Old Town Dirigo Plus is a dream to cruise lakes or even mild rivers with on a hot summer day

While most people with experience in tandem kayaks in the past have almost always been left with a bad taste in their mouth, this kayak from Old Town is setting out to the race those bad memories and replace them with nothing but good feelings. Where other companies are all too happy to tack on an extra cockpit and extend a purposely designed single kayak into a tandem, Old Town specifically set out to design this tandem kayak from the ground up. Offering two incredibly spacious cockpits (with the front cockpit being slightly larger than the rear) you’ll find nothing negative to complain about in this smooth runner.

This tandem kayak is a breath of fresh air surrounded by lesser solutions on the market place

What really sets the Old Town Dirigo Plus apart from everything else is the close attention to detail. With cushioned seats that sit below the deck, dedicated thigh pads for extended trips and longer adventures, the patented Stabil-form makes navigating large open bodies of water and even some slower moving river currents a dream. With two easy access dry hatches, you won’t have to worry about leaving your valuables inside the car while you’re away in your kayak. The dry hatches feature Old Town patented click seal hatch, that is as dry and waterproof as any solution on the market and performs perfectly even when the kayak has capsized.

Clocking in at somewhere around 80 pounds, though it definitely feels lighter both shouldering it to the water and steering it while in the water, the triple layer polyethylene construction is super buoyant and is built to last. Absolutely one of the most durable products on the market, this is everything you would expect from one of the oldest and most respected names in personal human powered watercrafts.

Old Town has been creating canoes and kayaks since the late 1800-s, and they have definitely used all of their combined experience and knowledge to create this tandem kayak. If you’re serious about hitting the water this summer but want to have the extra capacity to bring along friends, then you need to be taking a hard look at what the Old Town Dirigo has to offer. There are lot of other options on the marketplace when it comes to selecting a tandem kayak, but once you felt the ride an incredible performance offered by this Old Town tandem kayak you would have to be a little crazy to pick anything else. Would you like to know more about the Old Town Dirigo Plus?

I’d just like to say that I personally own two of these kayaks in my family and have truly loved this one the most. It has everything you’re looking for in the “perfect” tandem kayak. It has the highest rating out of all of the kayaks on our site and it also won the top tandem kayak award from the article here: http://www.tandemkayakreviews.com/top-3-tandem-kayaks/

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Old Town Dirigo Plus

5/5 stars


  1. Alisa December 9, 2013 at 6:15 pm - Reply

    Best tandem kayak on the market, hands down.

    We own this and are proud to say so, if there was a reason to do so, we would buy another one.

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