Why You Should Get A Tandem Kayak

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Why You Should Get A Tandem Kayak

Why You Should Get A Tandem Kayak

If you enjoy riding on the water in a kayak, you might have considered buying a tandem kayak. This is a consideration that many have when they regularly ride with another person and are looking for a way to share the experience even better.

Getting Closer to Nature with a Kayak

The kayak is one of the experiences in life that makes it possible for you to get closer to nature because you are able to go more places than you can go whenever you are in a regular boat. The size of the kayak and the fact there is no motor means you can go anywhere you want to go as long as you can paddle there.

beautiful place to kayak at

Imagine kayaking at a place like this

When you are thinking about getting a tandem kayak, you might want to consider how it is possible to do more in a tandem as opposed to a single man kayak, it is easier to carry a tandem and it is less expensive to use a tandem model. These are all great reasons to purchase this kind of kayak, but in the end, it is up to you as to whether you should purchase this kind of kayak or a single rider kayak.

Also, if you’re already a kayak owner and would like to find some amazing places to kayak at besides the ones we have recommended on the site, go read: http://www.weather.com/sports-rec/weather-ventures/get-paddling-20120427

Go Further in a Tandem Kayak

Whenever you are looking to go on a kayaking trip, you do not want to be limited in where you can go and what you can do. This is one of the great things about getting the tandem kayak.

This model allows you to paddle further simply because of the fact that you are not paddling alone. By having two people paddling on either side of the boat, there is less chance that you will have sideways motion. Rather, you will be able to stay moving in a straight line so you will get to your destination even faster. If you get tired, you can rely on your partner to take over for a little while.

Paddling Teamwork

Illustrative image: Teamwork

Carry a Tandem Easier

The average weight of a kayak is 45-60 pounds. This is pretty heavy when carrying it alone. The average weight of a tandem kayak is 75-100 pounds. This means each person is only carrying 37-50 pounds. For those thinking in kilograms, just divide the number by two to get an approximate value or use Google to convert the values by searching for example: “75 pounds to kg”.

The weight distribution is a lot easier to manage as well. This means you will be able to walk further distances with your boat before getting into the water again. It makes the more remote areas of the country even more accessible.

You Can Save Money on a Two-Seater

The two seat tandem kayak allows you to save money as opposed to buying two single kayak boats. This savings is very helpful when looking at the ability to get out into the water faster. Keep in mind that all of the extra features might run the price up a little higher, but if these features were things you might have looked for in a single rider kayak regardless, you will still come out ahead of the curve. This means you will be able to get more for your money when purchasing these kinds of boats for your home.

It is evidently clear, then, that investing in a tandem kayak in a very wise decision that you should make. If you’re now thinking about getting a tandem kayak, make sure to go read our recommendations for the best tandem kayaks!


  1. Maria November 26, 2013 at 9:42 am - Reply

    Our tandem kayak (Polarity) saved my marriage pretty much..

  2. Yuomo December 10, 2013 at 4:25 am - Reply

    We read this thing a while back and finally took the plunge a week ago by buying the Lifetime Manta that you recommended.

    Having gone on our first trip together, my spouse and I could not have imagined a better investment.

    Thanks a ton!

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